Oh, Tiger!

To the tiger who doesn’t roar,

Why not?

A tiger roars to be heard,

to be heard and not questioned,

not to be questioned if he was fearless.

But to be acknowledged that he is.

He roars at the quickest opportunity,

To show his strength.

His confidence,

His bravery to try his best at every fight.

but you.

You don’t.

What kind of tiger doesn’t?

What kind of tiger doesn’t challenge another,

over property,

over meat,

over what is rightfully yours?

Have fun trying to win back something you gave up.

oh tiger… why didn’t you roar?



  The prince arrived, and I’m left unnoticed.

A prince he is, 

And a prince he is not.

He has no nobilitly.

Yet, the attention he clamors is enough to be crowned as one.

The people are gathered to hear what he shall say.

I stand forgotten, on stage. 

His opinion is valued.

His opinion is echoed.

Yet, it differs from mine.

Mine that should be echoed by these people.

Mine that is supported by the vast majority.

Yet, why are his words getting all the attention?

What is wrong with the deep pocketed people?

Are they deaf?