The laughter rushing through the body,

 The smile that can’t help but show.

Oh how I miss it,

Oh how I want it,

But sadness is what follows

Sadness is what consumes me

It eats at my thoughts,

It eats at my soul,

How did this happen?


The Monkey

I can feel the goodbye,

I can feel it sitting on my shoulders,

Grinning at you,

It’s pointy yellow teeth,

Showing whenever you’re near.

I’ve watched it scamper around you.

It’s tail waving highly above its head.

Now it’s on my shoulders.

It’s whispering in my ear.

Urging me to say it.

Laughing at my reluctance.

It pets at my hair,

It’s narly hand trying to sooth away the reluctance.

“Go on, you know you want to”

It’s raspy voice resounding in my ear.

“Say it”

“Say it”

“Say it”







I should have let that moment happen
I should have trusted you
I should of just accepted you into my life
No questions asked.
You no longer care for me though.
I pushed you too far away.
You’ve realized that I don’t want you.
Which is false.
Oh how could you see that pull that you have?
When you offered a hug,
It took all my will to not step closer.
And shoved a moment of complete trust towards you
Could you offer one again?
Give me a chance to pull you in?
Give me a chance in trusting you,
With the tiny beats of my heart?
All I ask is another small moment..
Please let me