I took his hand

I shouldn’t be doing this.

You trust me.

Yet, I took his hand,


This could break you.

This could tear you to pieces.

Yet, I took his hand,

and followed him.

Don’t I love you though?

I know I do.

 Yet, why am I

Taking his hand?

I see you though,

Across the street.

Looking at us,

As he pulls me close.

What can I say?

I took his hand…



I lost myself.

Where have I gotten to?

Who was I anyways?

Who am I now?

How do I find me..

When I don’t know me?

It’s like dragging something

That wasn’t even there before

Into existence…

Through years of being lost,

Lost and battered

Tormented and starved

Unwanted and shunned

So many years..

Where have I gone?

Time, Life, and Goodbyes

I cried my last tear.

I’ve rethought about it once more,

and now,

I cannot cry anymore.

What could have been..

What should have been..

No longer matters.

Life goes on,

Sadness doesn’t last,

and memories fade.

I’ve explored many things,

I’ve learned many life stories,

I’ve blossomed and went out with a boom.

Somehow I’ll still love you forever,

In a way.

Time never pauses though

and life doesn’t wait.

Oh, how much I’ve wanted it all to stop.

I can’t go back though.

I must move on.

A second in this life,

A second in another.

Life is carrying on,

and I once more find myself saying…


You Stayed

I remember you holding me

as I started crying

holding me like I was already a part of your world.

You didn’t know how scared I was,

How did I get into your world?

When you were barely are in mine?

I do recall you wiping away my tears,

and at that moment,

All that I wanted was to get away.

Why couldn’t you leave me?

I hated what you did,

as you made me laugh.

Why couldn’t you just take the answer no,

Walk away, and never turned back.

Yet, you stayed.