To Write About Love

How can you put love into a poem?

How can you even put it in words,

I have no idea.

I couldn’t just snatch some love and put it in my pocket,

How could I even begin to describe it?

There’s those small moments in it,

Where just one look at another,

Can bring about the small blush and shared smiles.

Then there are the big moments,

The moments that are trying to be caught by everyone.

There is the love between lovers,

Love between family,

Love between friends,

Love between the tiny stuff in life.

There’s so much of it.

How could I ever write it down?

It’s so easy to write about the loss of love,

but for me, as a writer,

I think I’ll become great,

If I write about love.

but… How?


Heart in Every Word


Written to you.

Read them, with an open heart.

Erase all hatred,

Wipe away all doubts,

What will be said,

What will be written.

Has my heart in every word.

No reading with assumptions.

No reading with suspicions.

I’m not trying to hurt anyone.

And if you can do nothing but read with a hardness

Stop reading.

Stop bringing about wrong conclusions.

What is written is my heart at its rawest.

Give me hard accusations by what is written,

Will close it.

Give me no more inspiration.

Wouldn’t even be able to say truths.

Just more falseness.

And no one will ever know my heart again.

Note to You

And now my past poems have come to an end.  It’s amazing really.  As I reread them. It seems as if my poems would have foretold some of my life. Would of saved me lost time if I took the words I wrote down to heart. Too bad I never did.

Oh if you are wondering how I got inspiration for half of the poems. Since it’s not really from any moment of my life. I got them from books and songs.

–The Writer

Everything Has Gone Wrong

Try as I might.

I can not write.

I can not tell you what has happened in my heart.

Whether my thoughts are wrong or right.

I can not utter a word to tell you.

My hand stops cold,

My pen dries out,

And even if I pick up a new pen,

I wouldn’t have courage to write a word.

No inspiration.

No thought.

No ideas to chase one to the next.

My story has been left untold.


Have I died?






 The rain falls around us. I look up smiling. The rain drenching me.

You stand under the umbrella.

Watching me.

Your blue eyes hiding everything, like always.

I listen to the rain fall, the silence filling ourselves.

Then suddenly it breaks, with words spoken so fast. 

I look at you in alarm, understanding what’s being said.

Yet, disbelieving every word.

My smile disappeared, the rain becoming cold to my skin now.

Making me shiver. Wondering why I even dared stepping out of the shelter of our umbrella.

We are both waiting for something to be said.

I begin to laugh. The scene so ironic.

I stop though, for my laugh just felt like broken sobs.

“Now what?” I whisper, failing to read some sort of hurt in your eyes.

You shake your head. 

“Now What?!” I shout at you. “God Damn It! Now What?!”

You turned away.

I was left watching your back, taking away the umbrella.

Taking away,


And so the rain came down harsher.