Rip, Use, Trash

Rip, Use, Trash

Rip, Use, Trash

What happens?


When you get to the last one?


Will you ever get tired of it?


Just throwing it away carelessly?


Do you really make that many mistakes?


What about that last one?


Will you savor it?


Will you ever try your hardest not just throwing it away?


Like you did to us.


Or will you just start over?


Are you ever going to stop?


Are you ever going to look back?


Please don’t hurt the last one.


Please savor it.



Rip, Use, Trash

Rip, Use, Trash

Rip, Use, Trash




Not to be known

Not to be known

Is that I care,

That I laugh the hardest when I’m around you.

Not to be known

Is that I get jealous

I do care about the fact you’re dating her.

Not to be known

Is that I smile when thinking about you,

and I think about you often.

Not to be known

Is that I dream about you

and whisper your name before falling asleep.

Not to be known

You’re the one reason for me to get up

And the thought of seeing you brings butterflies.

Not to be known

Is that every time you talk to me

I wish you’ll just kiss me.

I wish

I wish

I wish he could visit

Drop by at any moment.

I wish he would  whisper

“I love you”

In the most tenderest moments.

I wish he could just hold me,


I wish he was always around,

Just so we can see each other.

I wish

For him

To be mine and accepted.

Admit it

Despise me

Hate me

Scream my name in annoyance

Make me jealous

Start a fight

Try to stand out

What ever you’ll do

You’ll forever have the thought of me,

torturing your mind.

You’ll have dreams of me,

each and everynight.

 When can you admit it?

You still love me.

World Turns

My loved one died,

and the world turns.

I’m paralyzed from the waist down,

and the world turns.

I’m going to jump off this building,

and the world turns.

I just found out that I’ll live for 5 more months,

and the world turns.

Next day,

Next year,

Next century.

The world continues to turn.

Not stopping,

Forever cold to the worst dilemmas.

How can this be so?

My world ended,

This loss should be able to stop the world for awhile.

So I can mourn

without thought of tomorrow.

Can’t it just stop for a little?

Dark Angel

Dark Angel,

How come you’ve captured my thoughts?

Why do I suddenly look for you in a crowd?

This shouldn’t be happening.

My heart soaring with happiness when your name is mentioned

Brings guilt the second later

I don’t love you.

I love someone else,

My Light Angel.

Who is so much better than you in so many ways

Please don’t ruin what I have.

I won’t ever like you if you do.

Can’t we just stay friends?

Please Dark Angel,

Your darkness is almost consuming me,

Making me blind to my Light.

I’ll break his heart.

Dark Angel,

I’m not as cold as you.

I cannot give up on my Light.

This is our first goodbye

A goodbye to a future that will never happen.

Just a muse

This is a new day

Sleep has given me a new point of view

My life with you is over

It will never be as it was during those too few seconds.

We are too different

You’ve already realized that

I already watched you back away

It’s fine, I won’t cry

You’ll be just a muse

That I’ll turn around and around in my mind

A pretty little what if

Brought by those sly looks you gave me.

Yea, I saw those,

And the fact that your eyes strayed always to me.

If discovered,

There will be disapproval all around.

We are too different you and I.